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July 23, 2007


Kiko Jones

Ah...I have fond memories of listening to rough mixes of La Casa's "Mi Barrio" in bandleader Angel Fernandez's home studio way back when...Btw, the song has a David Byrne/Luis Dias/Angel Fernandez writing credit.


great post. i tried your suggestion of listening to el watusi while muting the beach boys and gotta say i like the watusi version better. and while scorcese may say now he wanted to use the beach boy's tune, this baretto version totally foreshadows scorcese's use of "surfin' bird" in mean streets: crazy songs played against a party scene.


Hey Jimmy, thanks for the comment. The guy who posted the clip says that Scorcese originally wanted to use the Beach Boys, but I'll have to check that info against my copy of "Scorcese on Scorcese."

Kiko Jones

Trust me, I know that it means absolutely nothing in the grand sense of what you ask in this post, but it felt good to hear Pacha Massive in the most recent episode of Entourage? Why? Because hearing the music of a buddy in a mainstream Hollywood production never gets old.

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