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February 08, 2008


Kiko Jones

I'd have to hear the studio version but with those vocals, melody(?!) this sounds like a great merengue groove gone to waste.

"...ten years from now, Tulile will be 'classic'"

Bite your toungue. God help us all.


Thats actually not a bad song, in fact is not as "calle" as "calle" can be.
Por ejemplo

If anything Tulile will be remembered for all the theatrics that he brought to merengue (i.e performing in a wedding dress, military uniform, a Toga, etc) Classic?? Nah.
As far as "the flirting with Afro-Dominican musical forms like palos and gagá...[guloya]" Luis Dias, Sergio Vargas, Pena Suazo, Diomedes Y su grupo Mio, etc were at it WAY before Tulile.


LM (la muerte), It's not that "merengue de la calle" groups are the FIRST to do this, but they're doing it at a level of popularity and commercial success that is reaching critical mass.

The Incredible Kid

I'm a DJ stuck in Portland, OR who is always trying to keep up with the latest hard-edged merengue. I appreciate your post and I'm wondering if you are aware of any way to order this music online?




Hello Incredible, "stuck" in Portland? I wish! Amazon has some records by Omega, Tulile and a few merengue de calle comps (iTunes has zilch). In DR, pirate comps of what's hot get burned and sold in the streets. There's not so much remixing going on that I can see. You can cruise YouTube and a few sites (Unfashionaly Late had a decent comp for DLing, e.g.) One of us in the E Coast could get you some stuff, if you like, good luck.

The Incredible Kid

Thanks for the tips.


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