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April 24, 2008



That's a good quote to use. What I find peculiar is that often people that didn't grow up in a rough neighborhood think you are "glorifying the ghetto" when you are just telling real stories, as if to be honest about poverty and hardship can only mean you want something for it; pity, empathy, cred, whatever. And these people are also often the ones that can't talk about wealth and privilege honestly either! Que cosas.


Right on, Chavo. For people who live in Woody Allen or "Friends" land, city brown experience = ghetto. Totalizing, and as if that's the only coin of the realm we can offer. And it metastasizes. Hence, you end up with "Love and Consequences." Why didn't Margaret B. Jones write about her privilege and fascination with gangsta culture honestly? That would have been worth reading.

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