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July 24, 2008


chauncey devega

thanks for the link.

good review by the way--it will be interesting how race will be read (or not) into the film. i actually saw a review which said that the joker was racist because he killed black people. a bit simple minded in my opinion, but there is something to the whiteness of clowns I will have to think about


Thanks for dropping by, Chauncey. Been digging your ghettonerd notes. I suspect the only people who'll read race into the movie are the people who read for race in all kinds of "texts."

As for the Joker, don't you think his whiteness is basically a reverse blackface? At the same time it's a mask meant to give him a new identity, it always calls attention to its artificiality and incompleteness (the way it's ragged and smears).

chauncey devega

It could also be the idea of "whiteness" as death which was alluded to by Dyer in his book White.

When I get a chance it would probably be productive to write a piece on the whiteness of death as applied in Batman

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