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September 04, 2008


Kiko Jones

How 'bout the late Merlin Santana ("Stanley" on The Cosby Show, "Romeo" on The Steve Harvey Show), Manny Perez (Third Watch, 100 Centre St), Julissa Bermudez from BET, DJ Roger Sanchez.

Rap impresario Irv Gotti, Kid Creole, actor Miguel A. Nuñez Jr. (Juwanna Man).

Btw, all Dominicans know legendary designer Oscar de la Renta is one of their own, but most Americans don't. And John Lithgow's dad Arthur--a Shakespearen actor--was born in DR.


re: tokenism on 90210, i heard an NPR piece that mentioned there is also a persian character among the main cast. the show went on to say that iranians comprise 40% of the beverly hills public school student body. which made me think: can you imagine what would have happened had the producers been brave enough to make, say, 4 out of 10 main characters iranian. what a reflection/representation of BH/US that would have been! if only...


To boot, the Irani character is played Michael Steger, who's part Ecuadorian.

Funny enough, a show like "Sarah Connor Chronicles" gives a truer picture of half-Latino LA than upper-class fantasies like 90210. (Don't get me started on "Gossip Girl")

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